Clarissa Kieliszewski

Clarissa Kieliszewski

Real Estate Professional


Clarissa's experience and work ethic started many years ago in a small town in rural Northeast Michigan. Born and raised on a beef cattle farm, her late father was also a well-respected custom builder. So, not only did she learn what hard work looks like, she was smack in the middle of it every day, helping both on the farm and with construction and renovation wherever she could..... asking her father a million questions along the way while maintaining straight A's with her studies. His motto was: "if you're going to do something, do it right and to the best of your ability, or don't do it at all."

Fast forward to today, she continues to be a lifelong resident and has spent the last 20+ years residing in various cities within Southeast Michigan. She has the ability and understanding to handle any property throughout the entire state. Clarissa has strategically aligned herself with the Brookstone brand, to further her ability to provide all clients best in class service, with a local and national reach, business partners and other beneficial resources.

Clarissa lives every day striving to live up to her father's motto, along with honesty, integrity, passion, care and dedication. Her resume encompasses the full circle of experience in real estate with more than 20 years combined in construction, renovation, all aspects of mortgage financing, real estate sales and interior design. She understands numbers, appraisals and values, title, taxes, escrows and pro-rations, market research and much more..... but most of all, she understands people. One of her best attributes is her ability to listen, read people and know exactly how to meet their needs! In addition, she is quick to utilize her vast resources within her organization, including our own in-house attorney and title company.


When you invest your time, honesty and trust in Clarissa, she takes the fear and frustration out of real estate.

She feels honored and privileged every time she gets the opportunity to help a new client or referral. Whether you are in the early beginning stages of your real estate search, or you are ready and know exactly what you are looking for, you will benefit from having a quality real estate professional by your side. When you need a real estate expert, at every price point, think Clarissa.

Fully Licensed Real Estate Agent

Designations: SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist)

Call or Text direct: 248.403.1702

E-mail: [email protected] 


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